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**The link for the interview with Heidi has been taken down at her request.**


Courtesy of the Heidi May Fan Club who are:

Fan Club President - Tara Anderson

Fan Club CEO - Chris Mansfield

Masseuse - Jessika W.

Nurse - Nurse Michelle H.

Designated Driver - Tara K.

Fan Boy - Bob M.

The following positions need to be filled:

Aging Alternative Icon - For street cred.

Orphaned Boy Wizard - "Expecto patronum!"

Secretary - To take down the imaginary minutes at the imaginary meetings.

Treasurer - Because it sounds nice when you say you have a treasurer in your organization.

If you wish to apply, then goddammit, do so!



This shrine is dedicated to Heidi May, an employee of 2.13.61 Publications who slaves away for her tyrannical boss, Half-Truth Henry Rollins, who henceforth on this website shall be known by the word "freak" or "ass" in honor of her Heidi-ness.  We dedicate this shrine to Heidi because we heard her on Harmony In My Head, and we liked her!  So, if you would like to add your name to our petition to have Heidi brought back on Harmony In My Head again, if you would like to film yourself doing an interpretive dance or reciting a poem in tribute to Heidi's beauty, or if you would like to submit Heidi-inspired fan fiction or slash for publication on this webpage, then click here.  We can't promise you that Heidi will ever see this page.  In fact, we kind of hope that she doesn't.  She might be squicked by it.  But you never know.  She might be grateful.  You know what?  I would be grateful if someone started a fan club dedicated to me.  Not that I'm suggesting that I want someone to do that.  No.  I'm secure in myself.  I even like myself sometimes.  Really.  Yep.  Um, anyway...

Thank you Heidi, for being you!


Also:  Thanks to Chris Mansfield who gave me this really sick idea which I'm sure I didn't do justice to.  But what the hell.  Maybe you giggled.   Thanks to everybody's favorite "Freak" for having Heidi on the radio show, Harmony In My Head, with him.  I'm sure that he had no idea how many lives he would be touching by introducing the lovely melodious voice of Heidi to the masses. 

I'd also like to give a shout-out to my dog, who is my dearest inspiration.  I'm sure that this shows from the things I post to the Web.

~ Tara ~



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Note:  The above image was completely stolen (thank you, Paul W. !) with the best of intentions.